Security Locked Me Out And Yet – I Am Vulnerable To Identity Theft

Well I have had a lot to write about during the last couple of days but couldn’t because I couldn’t get into my own wordpress site.   Dugghhh!!

Don’t ask – my techie guy has not been available this week and I managed to screw up – great timing.  I was trying all sorts of different passwords and thought that was the problem when in fact it was my username that was wrong.  Again Duggghhhh!

The problem is that there is such a fine balance between security and our ability to retain all the relevant PINs and passwords in our head.  So then you begin to store all passwords etc into some programme but then you begin to worry about the security of that – and where do you keep them as you want access to the information wherever you are. 

As a team of web developers we tend to share information on Google Docs but do you store things like passwords to websites.  How secure is the information on these external sites?

Questions questions.

I was watching a rather frightening TV report last night where a nerdy guy just given three normal bits of data that you would happily leave on Facebook – such as Name, Town and school,  within minutes online was able to uncover birth certificates and therefore DOB and more frighteningly  Mothers Maiden name (I have used this as my bank security question for years) of the participants in the programme.

How come that guy can steal an identity and I can’t get into my own blog.


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