Online Income – No Age Barrier – How About You?

Each week I join a group of people on a weekly masterclass in internet marketing and making online income.   In fact the timing of the online meeting is a nuisance to me because I have to get back from badminton and am always hot and disheveled – we are visible on the screen to other participants – I might not look good but it is great that they can’t smell me.

The participants on the Zoom (great webinar service) masterclass call are a great source of knowledge – and I never want to miss the session.  I will tell you more about David and Jen who run this group, below.

The participants all have different niches products, experience etc.

One lady is a gardener and she is learning how to put out information products about her field.

There is a fundamental issue though with making money online.  You need to know how to do it.  It doesn’t just happen.  When doing anything online – you have to learn certain things to make things happen.  The knowledge you need gets labeled as Internet Marketing;

  • building mailing lists
  • driving traffic
  • social media promotion
  • etc etc and so on – always more to learn

Lots to learn – but great fun when you begin to see the action happening and income coming in.


One of the best ways to make money online is to sell other peoples products.  NO that is not strictly TRUE.  It is about pre-selling – but that is part of the training.  Affiliate programmes are what you join.


Earlier this year I set up an affiliate programme for an online Webstore  –

What we have at Hypnosis for Download are well over 200 evergreen products to promote. They are audios and videos that are downloadable and sell worldwide – with immediate delivery.

Ideal products – great value and we have zero refunds.
Good products, worldwide audience.

Now obviously I can advertise the website and sell the products myself – and we do – but we want to do much more than that

BUT NO – what I REALLY WANT to do is get some affiliates.

Promotion by others is preferable because it adds social proof.

My original idea seemed sensible but in reality I was wrong – we realised we would needed to change the approach.

What was my mistake?

In my imagination I assumed that the best affiliates would be hypnotherapists as they would have the knowledge of the subject and would be able to pre-sell potential purchasers.  That may well be true – BUT what most of them did’t have was the internet marketing training and knowledge.

We had a couple of affiliates who made some money but I began to question whether the the affiliates needed to be hypnotherapists.

Mmmmmmm !! ??


  1. The affiliate programme software we had used was not great
  2. The affiliates on board needed more training – and I was not the best person to provide that.
  3. The affiliates do not need to be hypnotherapists – as long as they have some access to the products.
  4. There was no commitment necessary and many potential affiliates that joined took NO ACTION.
So a new strategy was essential.  We have a totally new set up which will be our 2018 focus.  Join us as we start the journey.




So here is my latest strategy. Online Income affiliate strategy

1. Hypnosis For Download Store

We are ready to start out with affiliates now. We are totally revamping the online store – with affiliate marketing in mind.    This will be ongoing for several months ( a list as long as my arm with what I want to do)
For example – we will be setting up offers for affiliates to promote. As an example we are putting together a bundle of products to promote in December and January for New Year.  Also there is a Running a Marathon package for affiliates to promote.

2. Affiliates

If you are young (best affiliate I know is a an 18 year old) or Old (even very old  – no limit)  you are welcome.

If you are an affiliate already and have a mailing list and marketing skills – just great!!

If you are new to all of this or need internet market tuition >> See point 3

If you don’t have any of the products I have put together a massive package worth so that you can check out the products you are promoting.  See point 4

3. Training and Products – For Action Today

Internet Marketing Training

I have never stopped having a mentor and training to develop my business.

Let’s get you started if you are a Newbie

At the side of this blog you will see three reports –

PLEASE DOWNOLAD as they are a great start. >>>

As I mentioned above I am a member of a group run by David and Jen.  You will see more about them in any of those reports.  If you get any of those three reports I will see you have download enquiry and I will be in touch with you – with great information.

I am not suggesting for a moment that you get the internet market training just to promote our products.  The fact is there are countless affilate projects and the training with David will help you acquire the skills.

 Having been around the scene for many years I can tell you that there is an abundance of poor internet training online. In the same way that I can point you to a great hypnotherapist in Adam Eason – I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that David and Jen offer the best training resources I have come across online.

Product Check Out

Now here is my offer to all you affiliates.

It is vital that you familiarise yourself with the products you are promoting.  I have put together a great deal – a package of several different products – including the massive Science Of Self-Hypnosis videos/audios.

4. Commissions – Special

Here is the DEAL – an  Affiliate Support Product.

  • PACKAGE WORTH £220 I have put together an affiliate package worth Affiliate package will be £10 which shows your commitment to the affiliate programme – this is FREE as you will get it back when you have made £100 in commissions.
  • INCREASED COMMISSION TO 50% The basic commission is 40% of your product sales – but if you have downloaded this affiliate package your commissions will be 60% from the word go.
  • YOUR £10 RETURNED  When you have £100 worth of commissions your £10 will be returned to you.
  • COMMISSION UP TO 70% When you have £250 worth of sales your commission will rise to 70%

There is nothing to stop you joining without this package but the commission rate will be 40% until you have earned £250 in commissions.