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The great thing about this blogging is chronolology (have I spelled that correctly?)

I have decided that I will make at least one post a day – no excuses – just do it. And you my friend will be able to judge whether I achieve that by looking at the date of publication of my blogs.

Why do I drive myself like this.

I am involved heavily with a website selling self-hypnosis and self development products produced by Adam Eason who is big in his field here in the UK.

We have worked hard and blogged, podcasted, ezined our list in a very disciplined way. No excuses the ezine will be out every week. As a result our list has grown and grown to such an extent that we have been able to set up a paid members area with forum and loads of goodies for the inner circle.

Now we are selling products from our site and have therefore tested most of our product sales pages etc.

As part of our extension plans we would love to get on board some hard working affiliates who really want to earn well. Nothing gives me more pleasure than paying our affiliates.


Here is the reality. We have 158 signed up affiliates as I write this but we have only paid two of them – because frankly the rest have not performed. They must have intended to do so originally otherwise why would they have joined.

The weird thing is that people expect to join affiliate programmes and then do nothing and wonder why they earn nothing. The more I have delved into this phenomenon the more I have discovered this is the norm.

Now I am going to give you the secret of success on the web. There is one important word and here it is – ACTION

That is the only difference – because anybody can be trained to make money on-line – BUT – you have to work to get things set up.

I make a point of doing something to move things on every day.

I understood from my research that WordPress was the best environment for blogging as it is very well supported by enthusiasts and has masses of interesting plugins to improve performance.

Until I started this blog I knew nothing about WordPress. BUT today I went to the blog of a WordPress expert Alex King to find out more.

I am not sure how useful it will be but I have downloaded a plugin on his advice which will make a more permanent categorisation of substantial blog entries. Blogs disappear down the list as new ones are added but the best pieces using this plugin can be preserved in a separate folder.

Whether it will be important or not – by trying things I am bound to find out more about WordPress and what makes it zing!! Now imagine what I will know about WordPress in one years time (365 minimum entries later).

It does seem strange writing in my blog at this stage when I know very few will find these words BUT I know that each action is adding to my footprint on-line.

Just take ACTION – not only will you learn as you go but you will be making an impact.

In fact one major part of my blog is going to be dedicated to addressing potential affiliates and trying to teach them how to make it good – because it is possible.

If you are a potential affiliate – put this blog in your favourites now – or your social bookmarking.

Till tomorrow when you will see another post by me – guaranteed unless I am run over by that proverbial bus – Goodnight.

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