London Marathon – Run For Glory

As I write, my mate and business partner Adam Eason is just about to start the London Marathon. It is a glorious morning here in the UK and it is going to be 3 degrees hotter than any other London Marathon.

This does not suit Adam as he describes himself as a redhead (not very pronounced) and the sun is not his favourite running companion.

However he has prepared mentally and physically in a very systematic way and I am sure he will do well.

He is on the receiving end this year though as he was offering advice rather than running this time last year.

There was a great BBC TV programme over here that Adam was involved in called “Run For Glory” in which some elite athletes Sally Gunnell and Steve Cram took some novice (basically excrutiatingly unfit people) and trained them to run the marathon. Adam’s role on the programme was to teach them techniques to get through psychologically – with the right mindset to get them through the famous marathon ‘wall’.

Get a PDF of the techniques and read more about this topic at

Get through the wall Adam – I am sure you will.







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