It’s true – it must be – because I read it in the papers.

Today is officially the lowest most negative day of the year.  After the festivities the bills hit the mat – pay day has still not arrived – and it is the heart of winter (well it is in the northern hemisphere) 

And there’s a formula:

Dr Arnell, a former lecturer at
Cardiff University, has even designed a formula on which to base his
theory – ([W + (D-d)] x TQ) (M x NA).

being weather, D – debt, d – money due in January pay, T – time since
Christmas, Q – time since failing new year’s resolution, M – low
motivational levels, and NA – feeling of a need to take action.

The solution I read is ‘Positive Thinking’.  Hey that’s my speciality act.

And you know what – I was just jigging around to a “Roll Over Beethover” playing on the radio.  In fact I could describe my attitude as upbeat and optimistic.

I know some people who are negative the whole year through so goodness knows how low they are today.

It is all a state of mind and you CAN train your mind to see everything in a positive light

Guess what – you then attract positive things to you.  Some call this type of thing manifesting.  That is an incredibly simplistic statement about a major phenomenon. 

You can get an interesting free download and gen up on what this manifesting is all about:

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