Controlling your weight is all about the right lifestyle and mindset.  I know that now – but I wish I had realised it earlier in my life.

Here are some nutritional words of wisdom:

Nutritionist Rosemary Stanton writes
in her Complete Book of Food and Nutrition, there are no
miracles where fat-loss is concerned. “Going ‘on’ a diet implies
that one will go ‘off’ the diet,” she writes. “In practice, a
combination of a good eating pattern plus increased exercise is the
best recipe for losing and controlling body weight.”

I have been there – wasting my time on stupid (and I mean STUPID) diets.

Just look up on the Internet for news about the grand-daddy of diets – “The Atkins Diet”  You will see all sorts of reports about constipation, bad breath and gout to name but a few. 

Some years ago in some desperation I went on a diet which consisted of predominantly fruit.  What was I thinking of – using such an unbalanced nutritional approach to losing weight.  At the time I was a practicing nurse so I should have known better.

No,  you MUST forget those faddy diets and advice from anorexic celebrities promoting yet another hair brained approach to losing 10 stone in five minutes (ok that is an exaggeration but you get my drift) .

I personally saw the light and came to my senses when I listened to ‘Think Yourself Thin’ and used self-hypnosis to develop a healthy lifestyle mindset.

Simple, practical, permanent and easy –

I eat what I like – but tend to look at packaging and the health data. 
I let my stomach do the talking – in other words don’t ever eat. 
I take my time so that I will recognise the signal to stop eating more at that session.
I have eliminated snacking – the thoughts just don’t come into my head any more.
I am quite happy to leave food on the plate when I am full.  I am not really wasteful and in reality I am serving myself smaller portions.

In other words I am eating less but it doesn’t feel like it.

Most importantly I have a mindset now that has found a way to also enjoy some exercise.  As I have always hated exercise this is the biggest surprise of all.

Powerful, powerful stuff this self-hypnosis.  Whatever you really want can be achieved with the right mindset and self-hypnosis is the secret weapon I have found to get that mind sorted out.

Try for yourself and see what I mean. 

Just think of the rewards:

  • How you will feel in the smaller clothes sizes.
  • How happy you will be to go out in the summer even onto the beach.
  • The compliments you will get.
  • The money you will save.
  • The confidence you will have.
  • The partners you will impress.
  • But most of all how thrilled you will be with yourself and the self-esteem that will be yours.

And it is within you – that is – it is all in the mind – YOUR MIND.

You are what you think!!