If you’re new to list building, you’ve heard a lot of things about the best ways to build your big list.

Let me ask you a question: Would you rather have a list of 1000 people who spent $10 each month or a list of 100,000 people that haven’t spent anything with you yet?

Not hard, right?

Of course, you want buyers.

So, why would you spend a ton of time and money building a list of freebie seekers? Really successful online marketers don’t.

That’s why David Perdew and the NAMS team have created a 4 module course called, Create a Low-Cost Buyers List.

And it lays out exactly how to build your list by letting people pay you to get on it.

But here’s the deal – actually, it’s called the December Deal, and the deal is only good today.

You can get this right now until midnight tonight with a 64% discount.

But you have to get it right now – before midnight tonight.

Get it here:

Create a Low-Cost Buyers List

Building a low-cost buyers list is crucial to your business today.

If you sell info-products, do any affiliate marketing, or work in any niche where customers buy over and over, you’ll definitely want to focus on getting buyers first instead of freebie seekers.

Using this technique, you will create a bigger buyers list fast.

Follow the step-by-step process to get started today.

But remember, you have to get in today to get this discount and access the 4-module course.

Create a Low-Cost Buyers List

To your success!

Everyone talks about the cost of acquiring new customers with advertising, but what if you could have customers pay you to get on your list.

That’s what this 4-module course is all about.

Finally, we reveal the secret to building a massive buyers list without spending a ton of money to get a solid base of buyers contributing to your 6-figure business automatically.

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