Hypnotic Affiliates

Hypnotic Affiliates

Hypnotic Affiliates – that is what I am after.  Yes – maybe you!

A few years ago, I began to sell other peoples products online.  In fact I used to spend about 1 hour a day doing all the bits you have to do – and I made a great part time income.

Some affiliates make it a full time occupation and I know a lot of very successful affiliates.

I didn’t get that involved – but – what is actually weird (but great of course!!)  is that I am still getting cheques for sales that I made a decade ago for ongoing long term online services.

Products have not been my priority for some time now.

I have been involved with Adam Eason building up a training college for hypnotherapists.  To tell you the truth the college work has been an incredible task as we have videoed and prepared all of the materials and resources for online training.  Yep – hundreds of hours!!

So the poor old products have sat there on our online ‘Hypnosis For Download’ store – actually selling – but by accident rather than by design.

NOW that is changing – the college marketing is under way with all of our courses in place BUT also our products are back on our radar and are part of our marketing plans.

How best to sell self-hypnosis audios and videos and promote them – with affiliates.

The best affiliates out there are people who have been selling marketing products for online selling.  Great they are with huge mailing lists – and OF COURSE I will welcome those aboard – in fact GET IN TOUCH.

The best affiliates for us will be people who are hypnotherapists or people that have used the audios.  Selling is all about knowing your products.  BUT there is something much more important.   A great affiliate is a personality who gets to know his potential customers.

So a successful affiliate will be somebody who uses social media and blogging to build the list.  He/she then builds a mailing list using the opportunities and traffic building techniques guided by us – the merchant.

On the right hand side of this blog post (in the right hand column) you will see a ‘Hypnosis For Download’ Offer.  I have put that there as a demonstration to our current affiliates.  The offer there is totally alive and if you fill in your e-mail you will get instructions sent to you to get the half price products.

Our affiliates need to create their own blog if they haven’t got one to do just the same – but to write posts and articles/reviews about the products etc.

You may be saying I can’t write a blog.  There are services out there to get the articles written (more about that another day)

Anyway I say stop those excuses.  If you want to you can take an hour a day to come and learn with me – how to sell these (evergreen products) and get an additional income –

Affiliate sign up.  – https://hypnosis-for-download.leaddyno.com/


If you want to get some self-hypnosis audios at half price then fill in the form on the right.  You will also get a free gift of “Hypnosis Revealed” if you buy an audio.  This is a great way to get some knowledge about the products if you want to sell them.

I hope to see some of you on board.  There are videos and training material in the affiliates area.


Blogs and Diaries

Blogs and Diaries

My wife has kept a diary for years.  I must feature in there somewhere – well probably everywhere – dread to think.

Like all diaries it is her private corner and will probably make a good read some day for our ancestors.  I am not destined to see those entries – I have never been tempted to look.

The diary is really useful though and if we are chatting away at a dinner party and bickering over the date of this or that – then the diary is consulted.  In many ways I wish I had kept one – all too late to say that after the event – there you go.  Is it too late to start now?  I will probably just go on blogging – probably on and off.

I have dabbled with a blog over the years – not this one as you can see by the dearth of entries – and actually enjoyed my moments of putting down some thoughts. The odd smirk as I re-imagine wacky ups and downs of my life.  It is however very public and you do have to hold yourself back from saying TOO much.

I came across an old blog of mine the other day – and was embarrassed.  (you note – I haven’t added a link)  Did I really SAY that – Did I even think THAT!!  It is amazing how our experiences do update our behaviour.

Till my next blog – goodbye and have a good day.

I’ve Just Reblogged A Blog – It Went Where!!!?

OK – this is random.  I am well now so what is the excuse this time for not posting more blog posts?

That is a great question even though I posed it myself.  There is no answer really though except I haven’t.

So well done those who set a daily target and just do it.

One such person is Robin Ince who clearly has much more discipline than me – AND – I find his blog posts amusing and he is a great observer of the absurd.

I have just been reading a few blog posts by Robin who is an author and broadcaster (I first heard of him presenting a science radio programme with Professor Brian Cox)  I found the posts very amusing.  One post was about insomnia and as well as clicking that I liked it I saw a link at the top of the page that I had never seen before marked reblog.  Now I am familiar with retweeting so I thought go for it!


How many times have I told Tom (son) Zoe (daughter) Babs (the one who is to be obeyed – the missus) not to just click things to see what happens.

What I expected to happen and what transpired – you’ve guessed it – were totally different.

I expected to be asked to login to my blog – this one you are reading now – and for it to just land on my site with all the references back from where it came.


After a lot of clicking about I found it on one of my clients blogs (well I did and didn’t) – it turned out that for some reason I was still logged into one of my client’s websites which I finished setting up for him about two years ago – and that is where the blog was reblogged.  Huh!   Sorry Shaan.  Except the page was headed up with the insomnia title etc but with also a 404 message that the page couldn’t be found.

If you have just found that last paragraph confusing so did I.  What is it all about – we are losing control of where our data goes.

The web has certainly turned strange since social media has developed.  Now everything is linked up to each other – a whisper in Poole Dorset can end up on a Pinterest- -Instagram-Facebook-Twitter retweet on a Japanese website.  It’s all out there now but not necessarily where you want it or expect it.

Maybe I am beginning to show my age.

Bah Humbug.

Yes!  I’ve posted a message – NOW can I do the same tomorrow?  You’ll have to come back then to find out.

Oh and that post by Robin Ince can be found at:




Lull Before The Storm – Blogging

Well those of you who are visiting my site around the time of me writing this post will wonder at the look and feel as it is rather simple.
Ah but…
Things are changing and that is why. Behind the scenes I am planning a blogging launch of gigantuan proportions. Much of last year was spent revamping a business model for Adam Eason’s websites. Now all that work is done the question of traffic arises. Now we need to spend the year promoting and getting targeted traffic to our various joint ventures.
So expect a daily blog from me again and for the blog site to improve in look fairly sharpish.
Looking forward to getting my teeth into some juicy topics and fighting my corner.
Bye for now!

Was It Blue Monday Or Not?

This morning I sent an e-mail which goes to people all over the world.

I opened with this paragraph –

“Yesterday morning Adam arrived at work and his computer failed to start. What a great way to get under way on what the media call Blue Monday. Goodness knows how they research these things but apparently we – the public at large – are at our lowest point in the whole year on the third Monday in January. My day turned out a bit dodgy also and I also played badly at badminton in the evening!”

To my surprise I got a couple of replies – both from across the pond in the US of A. One was balanced but one was quite hostile saying that I should maybe think before making references to Blue Monday. Basically they were pointing out that the third Monday in January is celebrated in America to the memory of Dr Martin Luther King.

A little taken aback I sent the same message to both –

“My apologies – that is the problem sometimes with world-wide messaging. I am of course referring to what the media in the UK is calling that Monday. Absolutely no disrespect meant and I admire Dr Martin Luther King greatly but was totally unaware that there was a specific day in the US to mark his life.”

But my curiosity had been aroused and as I had only seen headline references to ‘Blue Monday’ I realised I had quoted something as scientific fact without checking on my facts. Beware what you read in in the press or Wikipedia.

A search on Google – this is typical of news reporting about Blue Monday:

As CBS New York and other news outlets are reporting it, a British psychologist has developed an equation showing that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. (That very important and not at all made-up equation takes into account weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since screwing up on our New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take action, according to a press release issued by the UK’s Mental Health Foundation in 2009. Science!) This morning, Blue Monday was a top trending topic on Twitter, just below Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and above the Golden Globes.

BUT – and here is the real point. It turns out that the founder of the formula – a Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University – for working out the gloomiest day of the year has questionable qualifications for putting forward the equation in the first place. Furthermore if you DO use the formula then the gloomiest day should be next Monday. Oh well!

If you want to see a real ding dong going on about the qualification of Mr Arnall then pop over to:
Brainduck’s Blog – http://brainduck.wordpress.com/2010/01/19/blue-monday-green-communications/

Great fun – eh!

Makes me nervous about writing anything.

It’s all onwards and upwards after next Monday – I am sure.