Your Mind Will Mind the Time

I should have known better – of course, my subconscious mind clock IS more accurate than my radio controlled atomic clock!

Let me explain.

One of my presents on my birthday last year was a radio controlled alarm clock with incredibly accurate time keeping, set by radio signal from the atomic clock in Rugby, UK.

I have marvelled ever since at the split second accuracy – I checked of course by comparison with the second hand of the BBC News clock. Sad – I know! But it has to be done – boys will be boys with their gadgets.

The family soon recognised the superior quality of MY clock and would synchronise watches by MY timepiece.

It was something of a shock then to have my faith shaken by what happened this morning.

There is very little about my sleep pattern that is regular with quite huge variations in both the times I go to bed and my waking schedule. I will spare you the details but two mornings a week(my nightmares in the winter and my favourites in the summer) I have to get out of bed at 4:45 am to get my son Tom to his swimming training at the local pool.

As usual last night I set my alarm.

I had what I thought was one of those nights (rare for me) – when I woke up – looked at the clock – saw to my delight that it was only 2:45 and snuggled down again comfortable in the knowledge that I had two more hours. However having woken early I didn’t fall properly asleep again and found myself checking the clock on a regular basis. I couldn’t understand why I felt so awake – unusual.


What on earth – why had my wife’s alarm gone off on her side of the bed – it doesn’t go off until 6am.

Not for one minute had it dawned upon me that my clock could be wrong. After all it is split second accurate – isn’t it?

Then I realised that – you’ve guessed it – my inner mind clock HAD woken me at the right time. It was my blessed atomic clock that was wrong.

Although I set my alarm for the varying times that I get up I seldom need it as my inner clock wakes me seconds before the alarm is due. It doesn’t matter whether it is 4:45am or 7:30am my inner clock copes with amazing accuracy.

What a powerful friend we have in our subconscious mind – especially if it is properly trained to work on our behalf.

During the morning my clock returned itself automatically to the precision I had grown to expect.

Were those guys in Rugby having a laugh? – I will have to watch out on April Fools day.


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