Going Limp In Bed Was All In The Mind!

I recently picked up my newly prescribed blood pressure tablets from the pharmacy (yes I’ve reached that age!!) and read the accompanying leaflet.  I usually ignore this information as the listing of possible (occasional) side effects is enough to put you off taking anything that the doctor prescribes, or taking him seriously ever again.  As I read through the long list of terrifying possible consequences of taking the little white pills he had ordered for me this time – there was one possible outcome that caught my attention.

“Hey Darling, we’ll have to watch out for this one!” I blurted to Babs – my wife “it says here that a possible side effect is sexual impotence”

My manly pride and ego was not dented by the reply “Well I can’t see YOU having trouble in THAT department”

It is strange but that one comment prompted a flashback to a time in my youthful days when I did go through a problem in THAT department.  If ever there was a time that – if I had known then what I know now – I would have dealt with the problem in a totally different way.

What I now know is a fair bit about the power of the mind.

My work as a web designer first brought me into contact with a clinical hypnotherapist Adam Eason.  I can’t attribute the original quote to him but one thing in particular that Adam said resonated with me.  “If you think you can’t, you are right, you can’t”


We really are what we think. More importantly our subconscious mind learns everything from our conscious thoughts and believes them to be what we want.

Take my youthful introduction and exploits in the bedroom as a classic example of the truth of all this.  I must point out this was pre Babs.

Without getting embarrassingly graphic I would be out all evening with my partner of the time and all the normal hormonal reactions would be present all evening – but get to the undressing and into bed stage and everything would stop working – except my mind which kept saying to myself – I knew this would happenAND OF COURSE I WAS RIGHT – IT DID HAPPEN.  My subconscious mind had delivered what I kept telling it to deliver.

I used to go to some pretty desperate measures to overcome this rapid onset impotence by pretending to want to go to the loo so that I could get myself into a ready state. Then I would scuttle quickly back to the bed before limpness set in again.

At the time I thought I was the only one that had this problem.   But who do you talk to about temporary impotence when you are 20 years old?

To fast forward,  the problem didn’t last long as I was fortunate enough to meet a girl who sorted out the issue once and for all in a sensitive and caring way.

The fact is that most men suffer from temporary impotence at some stage in their life.

It is not easy to write such a personal account about your own psychological impotence problem but this is a very common issue for many men and I know that there is a simple solution.

If I HAD – known then what I know now – I would have definitely turned to clinical self-hypnosis for a solution.  Self-hypnosis allows you to teach your subconscious mind new beliefs about yourself – to rid you of the conflict within your head.

So I think I will just keep taking the tablets, and if anything untoward does happen well I know where I will seek a solution.

For more information about this topic go to see Adam Eason’s “Your Brain In Your Underwear”