Going Bonkers in Your Mind? Why Not Tame It With Hypnosis?

Do you realise that have been self hypnotising all your life? You just haven’t realised it.

Let me explain with an example.

Have you tried calling a child away from an absorbing Play Station game or maybe ‘The Simpsons’ on TV to come and have their meal? If they acted as if they didn’t hear you, chances are they didn’t. They are in a trance very similar to hypnosis with their mind a million miles away.

We all have these trance (hypnotic) like states and there is a problem – this state is very powerful and our thoughts positive and negative are being fed into our subconscious.

Is this important?

The trouble is that your home grown hypnosis sessions are likely to have been to your disadvantage. Let me explain.

Here’s weird!!!

I used to have total confidence when talking in front of a large audience but would often feel uncomfortable and intimidated when speaking one to one with someone that I perceived as ‘important’.

When I got to analysing this I realised just how much negative chatter was going on in my head and latched onto hypnosis as a possible weapon to overcome my discomfort in one to one encounters.

For whatever reason from my past my subconscious had learned to respond in a certain physical way when encountering ‘important’ people. The change in me by using a self confidence hypnosis session was simply unbelievable. No more sweaty palms and armpits or palpitations. Dramatic, instant, satisfying.

I felt as if I had made a secret discovery and was hooked.

Hypnosis is simple really and is based on the uncomplicated fact that you can re-programme your subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that REALLY RULES your life. What it learns is what it delivers permanently unless it is taught something different. Hypnosis is a direct way of inputting information you want your subconscious to take on board to replace the garbage that has accumulated over the years.

There’s a saying that I would like to amend – “You are what you eat”

Here’s my version – “You are physically what you eat, you are what you think”

According to my mate Adam Eason a leading hypnotherapist here in the UK –

If you think it,

it is true.

If you say you CAN’T do something – you know what – you are absolutely right.


– If you say you CAN do something – you know what – you are also right.

Think about that.

Re-read it. Think!


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