Well I have just had the most amazing half hour.  For some time now I have been meaning to go along to Yahoo Answers and see what was going on.

Someone had suggested that it is a great way of getting traffic to your site if you answer some questions in a responsible and meaningful way. 

Your reward is basically a link back to your site or blog just so long as the link ties in with a thought through answer.  In other words use links carefully – avoid spamming.

The first thing that surprised me was the activity – within minutes or even seconds of questions appearing there can be up to half a dozen answers.  AND the questions are coming in so fast that when you refresh your screen there are already heaps more. 

I have been nursing for most of may adult life and am now heavily involved with a website about hypnosis so I am well qualified to answer so many of the health questions – but I could literally have kept going full time on the questions coming in and still not answered all of them. 

What I couldn’t understand having been there is why people who are wanting to sell stuff on-line as affiliates aren’t targetting this massive number of people for instance who are looking for sleep cures and sending them to Adam Eason’s ‘Deep Sleep Programme‘ page.

I will see over the next 24 hours whether answering three questions on Yahoo Answers has any effect on traffic.  I will let you know.