Neat Social Bookmarking Using “Add This”

I’m into Social Bookmarking big time. I have found some of the hidden gems that Google never seems to dish up. Being an avid networker I prefer recommendations anyday when sourcing products, services or people.

If you haven’t discovered the power of Social Bookmarking yet – do something about it and find out what all the buzz is about. Here is a useful PDF

Now even if you don’t know what it is all about you can’t have missed all the colourful widgets appearing everywhere. Well some of those are about RSS (more about that another day) but others lead to different social bookmark sites. Sites are becoming a wee bit messy.

Now there is a neat solution which will particularly appeal to the good housekeepers amongst us where all of the different Social Bookmarking (and even RSS feeds) are held on one widget.

These can be used on websites and there is a WordPress plugin version which I have used here and is in evidence at the end of each blog.

Neat – eh!






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