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Now it seems incredible to me that I hadn’t even heard of Ed Dale just a month ago and yet here I am putting him first on my list of people I would most recommend to my friends to learn the Internet selling game. 

This is the best advice I can give – at this moment in time – to any newcomer to the world of selling products on-line.  Get on Ed Dale’s  30 Day Challenge

The web has changed remarkably in the last two or three years and probably the most significant factor is that you no longer need to have a central website to make things happen – it is actually better that you are actively out there getting into communities that suit your lifestyle and with your peers.  Ed Dale has captured this change perfectly and has a refreshing new honest approach to web training

When I say that Ed Dale is the guy to look out for to help you achieve things on the web it isn’t strictly true.  He has a team that work together incredibly well.  There is Dan Raine and Rob Somerville to name but two.  There may be more but – well – I have only known about this dude a short time.   (more…)

Internet Marketers – The Good Guys – Important Blog

One of the keys to success at selling products on the Internet is to identify who the Good Guys of the Internet Marketing world are and learn from them.

In the title of this posting I have added the words ‘Important Blog’ for a reason. I really want you to learn some lessons that it has taken me a long time to discover. Over the next few days I will give you a real short cut to some great people who have deservedly won my admiration.  I want you to understand why I am a fan of these people.

I will start with a brief potted history so that you know that I have the right credentials to be giving you any advice at all.   (more…)

Conversational Hypnosis – All Roads Lead To Igor

You can find out anything on the Internet – that is the popular belief – but can you?   Well not easily sometimes.  Take the topic of ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ for example.

I market the hypnosis website of Adam Eason and because of this my interest in finding out more about this fascinating subject has heightened.  I was amazed initially at the enormity of the subject and different focuses of interest that exist.  Stage hypnosis, self-hypnosis, covert and conversational hypnosis, subliminal imagery to name but a few.

Yesterday I set out to find out more about conversational hypnosis and fired the laptop into action, sat down with a cup of green tea (an ‘in joke’ for those that know me) to spend an hour finding out about ‘conversational hypnosis’.  Easy – No problem.  (more…)

DealDotCom Affiliate WordPress Plugin

The observant ones of you will have spotted a link in the right hand sidebar with a Deal of The Day.  The concept is simple and basically is what it says on the tin – they run one deal at a time and it is there for exactly 24 hours.  Come back next day and that deal has gone and replaced with a new one.  No confusion – if you want it get it now. (more…)

Affiliates: Part 5 – What’s That Darned List All About

The Most Important Lesson For New Affiliates

Now I must stress that I am telling you the pros and the cons – the ups and downs of affiliate selling.  I will mention from time to time the ‘How To’ – but I can’t stress enought that you should be guided by an expert such as Anik Singal on his excellent site Affiliate Classroom.

However I am going to tell you THE most important thing to do if you want to become a successful affiliate. (more…)

Affiliates: Part 4 – You Should Pre-Sell (Not Sell)


Once you have chosen a product that you think meets a hungry market that is willing AND able to buy – what is your role as an affiliate?

Your role could not really be more simple – you should know your product and then recommend it based upon your enthusiasm for the benefits it has to offer the target market.  That’s it!

I won’t close there though as this point is not understood by the majority of potential affiliates.  (more…)

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